Sermonary offers two ways to write your sermon: Classic Editor and our preferred Sermonary Editor. Below is a quick rundown of both.

Classic Editor

If you’re a traditional writer looking for a sleek, simple starting place, Sermonary's Classic Editor is the route for you. The Classic Editor includes a place for users to fill in their sermon's title, passage, and big idea.

Below this section is a field for messages to be constructed. As with all Sermonary messages, sermons written in the Classic Editor are all saved digitally and can be accessed anywhere.

Sermonary Editor

Our Sermonary Editor is the recommended option for writing sermons. In our Sermonary Editor, you can split your message into clean “blocks” based on what piece of material you are presenting (Bible Verse, Illustration, Quotes, etc.).

While writing in the Sermonary Editor, users add various blocks for each section of the sermon. Blocks can be edited individually, as well as moved from one place in the message to another.

Blocks included are:

  • Bible Verse
  • Point
  • Illustration
  • Application
  • Quote
  • Custom (Users may edit this block as they wish)
  • Media Block (Coming soon!)

In the Sermonary Editor, users may also use and create custom sermon outlines.

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