Podium Mode is one of our favorite features about Sermonary, and in our Sermonary Editor mode, we use a blocks platform to make the writing process simpler and more efficient. While preaching, however, you don’t always want all of your notes to make their way to the stage—which is why we’ve built in the option to hide blocks you don’t want to appear while on that platform. Hiding blocks only takes a few clicks. Here’s how to do it:

Hiding Blocks

To hide one of your blocks, begin by selecting the sermon you want to work on. (The sermon must be one that uses the Sermonary Editor.) Then, scroll to the block you’d like to be hidden while in Podium Mode. To the far right of every block is a “…” icon; select the icon and choose the Hide in Podium option from the dropdown menu. Now, the blocks you’ve chosen to hide will not appear while in Podium Mode!

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